By Freebitco 1000 satoshy for an hour WITHOUT INVESTMENTS, and with Investments earn $50 a day

Before beginning to earn from this website, it is necessary to undergo banal registration.
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I earn from this website on average to 30000 satoshy in day ($4,2) and anything without putting it in a month consider how many will be, I think to turn out to earn even more at you. Then we bring (windraw) to your Bitcoin purse. A conclusion to be made every day and each hour at set 30000 satoshy. 
You will tell where it is possible to open bitcoin purse, here the reference where it is possible to open a purse
I want to tell you about my method of earning extra satoshi (BTC). It has to be done once an hour, look at the screenings:

We 'll do that once an hour. So as not to attract the attention of the FreeBitco program bot.
P.S. Let 's say if we continue to lose, we bet 2x and BET LO.
Everything is so simple that at the first minutes it will be clear how to earn BITCOINS and without putting anything in it.
However, everything is simple.
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